Eye tracking involves measuring where the person viewing a web page is focused on the eye or the movement of the eye. The purpose of eye tracking is to reveal where the site visitors look on the relevant site, how long they look, how long they look at the length of the page. The model of the research is a case study and the usefulness comparisons of and sites, which are exchanged online, are examined. Within the scope of the study, the necessity of trying to buy deep freezers by entering these two different sites was given to the 19 people between the ages of 25 and 45 and the application was made. After opening the web page or from the page encountered on the internet, first examining the home page and immediately after reaching the page with the freezers and examining the Beko Brand Deep Freezers, then Beko 7216 A + 5 Drawer freezer page with DF code has been requested to open and review the product. Afterwards, the page was requested to be closed after finishing, as if you would add the product to the basket and take it to the operations. In our study, eye tracking method was used as the analysis method.


WEB Compliance, Eye Tracking, Site Usability Level, Human - Computer Interaction

Author : Sinem EYİCE BAŞEV
Number of pages: 103-123
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Diyalektolog - Ulusal Hakemli Sosyal Arastirmalar Dergisi
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