Leadership and security are two dynamic phenomena that profoundly affect the practice of political management and the field of literature. Indeed, this relationship in the 21st century and including Turkey, which can give direction to the flow of national and international developments. So, in this text, an objective reading is being tried about some examples of the leader of the Republican Period and their security policies -within current political events, actors and leaders that are excluded from the this argument- towards Presidential Government System to make references to the 2023 elections. In this axis, the study focuses on hypothesis that “the effective management of the new government system is related to the qualification of natural and democratic leaders and possible their security outcomes. ” Thus, while trying to classify a new leader to base the issue, on the anotherside, it is aimed to make various inferences by clarifying the perception and application of the new system. Naturally, an analytical approach has been adopted in the article, taking into account the relevant objectives. As the sources of the study, the text was being preferred the literature field related to the subject and the information and statements that reflected to the press-media.


Leader, Natural Leader, Presidential Goverment System and Security

Author : Menderes ALPKUTLU
Number of pages: 45-62
Full text:
Alıntı Yap:
Diyalektolog - Ulusal Hakemli Sosyal Arastirmalar Dergisi
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