The aim of this study is to evaluate the specific objectives, skills, values and gains in the social studies curriculum (2018) in terms of European Union Sustainable Development Strategy. The study was designed with document analysis, one of the qualitative research methods. Data were analyzed by using descriptive analysis. As a result of the data analysis, expressions about sustainable development education in the dimension of special purpose, value, skill and acquisition in social studies course curriculum were reached. 3 of the 18 specific objectives identified in the program; 17 of the 27 skills; 11 in of 18; 19 of the 131 gains are directly related to sustainable development. For specific purposes, conservation and management of natural resources, global hunger and sustainable development problems and global hunger and sustainable development problems are sustainable development education strategies. Basic skills in terms of sustainable development education, research, critical thinking, financial literacy, political literacy, perception of space, empathy, observation, legal literacy, decision making, self-control, cooperation, environmental literacy, problem solving, social participation, innovative thinking, time and chronology detection. Basic values in terms of sustainable development education, justice, equality, solidarity, sensitivity, respect, love, responsibility, savings, patriotism, peace, helpfulness are. In the program, it is seen that the European Union Sustainable Development Strategy includes major gains in climate change and clean energy, sustainable consumption and production and social integration, population and migration. Most of the achievements of the program are in the field of “People, Places and Environments”. Most of the gains are obtained from information, presenting information; some of them are aimed at gaining behavior. In the curriculum, the distribution of the achievements in sustainable development education can be proportional to the class level and learning areas.


Sustainable development education, social studies course, social studies course curriculum.

Author : Sibel OĞUZ HAÇAT - Fatıma Betül DEMİR
Number of pages: 211-225
Full text:
Diyalektolog - Ulusal Hakemli Sosyal Arastirmalar Dergisi
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