In 4000 BC antique societies of Orient such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China played a very important role in the progress of the civilisation. Altough the Hellenistic culture has reached a high level, due to the censhorship of Catholic Church in Western Europe, this progress has sustained a stagnation, but at the same time in the East, with the origin of the new religion - Islam, process od scientific progress has continued. Research related to astronomy were very important in the Muslim world. Turkish scholars, such as Takiyudin, Ali Kuşçu, Mirim Çelebi lived on this geographic area. Our research is the translation of the work called "al-Fathiya" written by Ali Kuşçu. This piece has been translated by the mariner Seidi Ali Reis and was presented to the Lawgiver Suleiman, the Ottoman sultan of that period. Most books related to astronomy were originally written in Arabic or Persian. In this book we have elaborated on one of the rarest and the most comprehensive pieces written in Turkish. The book has 27 duplicates in the libraries all around Turkey as well as the world. The piece that we have elaborated on this book is the oldest dated work which was probably written by the translator himself.


Astronomy Manuscripts, Astronomy Terms, History of Astronomy, Hulasatu’l-Hey’et

Author : İlhan UÇAR - Aslı ADAKLI
Number of pages: 01-22
Full text:
Diyalektolog - Ulusal Hakemli Sosyal Arastirmalar Dergisi
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