Türkkart system, economic and social functions that are key to the development of Turkey is hosting a smart card system. This card system, financial and fiscal as audit, control, regulation and will bring a contemporary point of Turkey in terms of applications, our country "developing" to remove them from the country's ranking, "developed countries" rankings will remove the top spot. "TÜRKKART" we call this system will fulfill a very important function and most important stage in world politics and economy, Turkey would be an eco-social card to feature. This system is not a system that eliminates money. It is an intelligent system that provides control, regulation and control of money. A number of important problems have emerged in the currency system, which has been in circulation for many years. Türkkart system is the life card system of the future which contains important functional features in order to prevent counterfeiting, falsification and all kinds of forgery. In this system, the informal economy is recorded, it allows the formation of a fair structure in income distribution, ensures tax justice, avoidance of tax evasion and avoidance of arbitrariness is avoided, production resources are avoided, production efficiency and efficiency are provided, production models clearly It can be determined, paves the way for fiscal and monetary policies to be implemented, adds dynamism to the economy, creates stability in the economy and provides a disciplined and durable economic structure from a fragile economy. As an econometric analysis, the study, which covers the years between 1970 and 2017, covers 8 different variables (GNP, Economic Growth Rates, Unregistered Economy, Circulation Money, Calculated Money, Illegal Money Amount, Income Rate of Money, Percentage of Unregistered Economy) and covers a 48-year period. Granger Causality Test and VAR Causality (WALD) tests were used to investigate the causality relationship between variables in short and long term. In the short term analysis; unidirectional and negative relationship between informal economy and GNP. A bi-directional and positive relationship was found between illegal money and informal economy variables. One-way and positive relationship was determined from illegal money to GNP and economic growth rate. A one-way positive relationship has been found between the rate of income of money and the informal economy. Again, there is a one-way relationship between money income and GNP. In the long term, there is a negative relationship between informal economy and GNP variables. A bilateral and positive relationship was found between illicit money and informal economy. A bilateral and positive relationship was found between illicit money and GNP.


Turk Card, Money System, Informal Economy, Economic Growth, Economic Development, Economic Stability, Commercial life

Author : Levent AKSU
Number of pages: 67-112
Full text:
Diyalektolog - Ulusal Hakemli Sosyal Arastirmalar Dergisi
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