Primary School Teacher Candidate’ s Material Development Samples Related To Sound Events

The scope of this research-grade teacher candidates sound the idea-generating skills and material about the events that has persisted. Primary school teacher’ candidate of 26 students at the class level 2 they want materials related sound events asked staging ideas. The reports prepared by the students have been analyzed with the text descriptive analysis. As a result of the analysis made by two different experts, the data have been obtained in a similar way. Participants were chosen from among the volunteer students. Without being distinguished for gender of the participants of the K1, K2, ... are listed in the form of data. Ideas for themed to the use of materials of the participants and themes are illustrated in the tables. At the end participants tables example statements. At the end of the research participant samples. Prospective teachers training school in the material development, it is important to set an example in terms of their state work. At the same time working with the example given at the end of the primary school teacher can use different material samples are presented in the field, having been given these examples can be changed under various research and different topics for different gains adaptable.


Turkish, Material, Training, Activity

Author : Bilge BAĞCI AYRANCI
Number of pages: 161-171
Full text:
Diyalektolog - Ulusal Hakemli Sosyal Arastirmalar Dergisi
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